Cause of the Month

  • Burrito Brigade

    Happy July! This month our team is celebrating and partnering with Burrito Brigade, a nonprofit located in Eugene/Springfield, OR. Burrito Brigade tackles a very large problem in our community, food insecurity, by hand-delivering vegan meals for free - and not just any meal - vegan burritos! Burrito Brigade is also involved in a handful of other crucial services for those in need, such as little food pantries, food boxes, and assisting with other essential resources.
  • Institute for Applied Ecology

    Happy first day of April! We are elated to be sharing this month about an organization that is near and dear to our business, the Institute for Applied Ecology, or IAE. The Institute for Applied Ecology’s mission is, “to conserve native species and habitats through restoration, research and education”. Our team is particularly fond of the Institute for Applied Ecology because one of the species that the organization serves to protect is the Fender’s Blue butterfly and its habitat.