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Fender’s Blue Hemp was founded by General Manager, Aaron Williams, who discovered the power of hemp along his healing journey. Aaron made it his mission to share how cannabinoids, like CBD, have helped him recover and he is determined to share his knowledge with others.

As a collegiate football player, Aaron suffered many injuries and multiple surgeries that unfortunately resulted in daily severe chronic pain. Searching for something to relieve his physical agony and discomfort, he discovered hemp products that contain a high CBD potency and other cannabinoids to relieve some of his pain, stiffness, and inflammation. But, what Aaron loved most is that the CBD products came without any negative side effects that he often felt with stronger pain relievers, like prescription drugs. In addition to hemp CBD products, he found that the combination of consuming cannabinoids and a vegan diet began to accelerate his recovery. The only problem was that there weren’t any hemp products on the market that were third-party certified USDA Organic and Vegan. Aaron knew that if he could produce the products he was looking for, he could help others in his position, such as other former athletes and members of his family, specifically his mother, Jennifer, who suffers from a number of rare health conditions.

Aaron dove head-first into the hemp industry, helping to cultivate the plant by starting an 8-acre farm in Philomath, Oregon. 

Our mission is to foster mindful, balanced communities through the power of plants by producing hemp products that are organic and vegan, potent and pure, transparent and accessible.


Aaron Williams - General Manager

Aaron, an Aptos, California, native, migrated north in 2008 to study business and philosophy at Linfield University. While playing football for Linfield, he suffered several serious injuries that led to seven surgeries resulting in severe chronic pain and inflammation. Several years into his rehabilitation, Aaron’s mindset shifted to focus on overall wellness as he discovered the effectiveness of hemp products in managing his pain and inflammation. The products he found were often too expensive, not potent enough, inconsistent, and not transparent about where and how they were produced. Having worked for several years in the Oregon wine industry and helping his alma mater launch a wine education program, now known as the Grace & Ken Evenstad Center for Wine Education, Aaron decided to take all the lessons he learned and apply them to the budding hemp industry. Following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Aaron partnered with his family and renowned organic winegrower, Dai Crisp, and his partner PK McCoy, to grow 8-acres of USDA Organic hemp. Subsequently, Aaron and his partner, Mackenzie, led the development of the farm-to-healing brand, Fender’s Blue Hemp, and launched their first product, which is certified USDA Organic and Vegan. Aaron often talks about his wellness management toolbox, consisting of cannabinoids, yoga, exercise, meditation, and a vegan diet.

Mackenzie Saunders - Director of Business Development

Mackenzie is a northwest native, born and raised in Washington state, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Individual and Family Development at Seattle Pacific University. After completing her studies, she worked in the non-profit sector supporting youth and young adults who were experiencing homelessness. Simultaneously, Mackenzie developed a passion for yoga, leading her to study the practice for the purpose of instructing yoga classes and facilitating teacher trainings. Her passion for yoga grew deeper, which led to a hiatus in social work as she pivoted to full-time yoga instruction and studio management. Mackenzie moved to San Diego, California, to work in the booming fitness industry while earning a master’s degree in Management and Leadership. During her exploration of fitness and overall wellness, she discovered how hemp could augment her wellness, specifically addressing anxiety, mood stabilization, and symptoms associated with menstrual cycles. After a plea from Aaron to join the Fender’s Blue Hemp team, she became Director of Business Development in 2020. When not working on Fender’s Blue Hemp, Mackenzie is either continuing her pursuit of yoga education, eating at her favorite vegan restaurants, reading, engaging in activism, or her favorite activities, cleaning and organizing.



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