Fender's Blue Hemp Blog

  • What To Look For When Shopping For Hemp & CBD Products

    It’s easy to feel extremely overwhelmed when shopping for hemp products because of how many options there are. We care deeply about what we put in our bodies, and we care what you put in yours, too! We’re here to help break down the hemp shopping experience.
  • What is CBD?

    What is CBD? You have seen it advertised everywhere: billboards, magazines and newspapers, social media, grocers, department stores, salons, and the list goes on. It is said to have dozens of health benefits for consumers, and even benefits for pets. But what even is CBD, really?
  • Sports, Injuries, and Pain Management

    At some point or another, many of us have experienced an injury that we’ve had to nurse back to health, and this often can result from sports or some type of physical activity. For our co-founder, Aaron, rehabbing his sports-related injuries has been a part of his life for over a decade. Check out our interview with Aaron about how he continues to heal from multiple injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Top Questions About Using CBD

    “How will I know if the oil is working?” “What is the proper dosing of CBD for me?” “Have I taken enough?” “What should I expect after I have taken a serving?” 

    If you have asked yourself any of these questions, this blog is for you! Here we unpack some of our most commonly asked questions about utilizing CBD.

  • The Importance of Organic Certification

    The health and wellness industry continues to flourish, and one decision a consumer is faced with is whether or not to purchase conventional products or organic (food, medicine, beauty supplies, or any other product). Is organic really worth all the hype?