Vegan CBD Avocado Toast

If you haven’t tried it, you’ve definitely heard about it. We don’t think avocado toast will be a fleeting trend - it’s a delicious breakfast staple that rightfully deserves the hype, so long as it is crafted well. We believe the perfect bite of avocado toast does exist. In fact, we’ve curated a recipe that incorporates some of our favorite ingredients, and then we added Fender’s Blue Hemp Oil Drops!

First, your bread choice and its quality matters! We like to use sourdough for avocado toast, but that’s just our preference. The key is using a thick slice of bread so that when the bread is toasted, the top and bottom have a nice crisp, but the inside is still fluffy. Our star chef, Jennifer, makes the most delicious homemade bread, so whenever possible we use one of her loaves. 

Second, find the perfect avocado. If the avocado isn’t ripe yet, it’s going to have a somewhat bitter taste and the texture will be very firm; too ripe, and the avocado may be mostly brown and have a sour or rancid taste. Use an avocado that yields to firm, gentle pressure without leaving indentations or feeling mushy. 

Next, the toppings! There are endless combinations of delicious toppings to choose from for your toast. Some of our favorite toppings include red onion, tomatoes, green onions, chives, sprouts, and arugula. Sometimes we add chia seeds, flax seeds, or (you knew this was coming!) hemp seeds, for a little extra boost of essential omegas. After dressing up your toast with the appropriate toppings, you can’t forget additional spices, seasonings, or herbs. We often add ground lemon pepper or good old fashioned salt and pepper, but we are also suckers for Trader Joe’s “Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend” - we put that stuff on everything! 

Finally, we incorporated cannabinoids into our toast by drizzling about one serving (0.5mL) of our full-spectrum hemp oil drops on the top of our creation.


  • 1 piece of toasted bread (we prefer sourdough)
  • Red onion, sliced
  • Tomatoes, sliced; for cherry or grape tomatoes, halved
  • Green onions
  • Seasoning of choice (you could try lemon pepper, salt & pepper, red chili flakes for some heat, etc.)
  • Fender’s Blue Hemp Oil Drops, at least one 0.5mL serving
  • Arugula

Do you have a favorite avocado toast topping? Share your recipe ideas with us by messaging us on our socials or email us at

PS - Stay tuned for an exciting new product that we plan to launch in the next couple of months that will make incorporating hemp into your meals even easier!

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