Olive Oil Infused with Hemp Extract: Everything You Need to Know

Our team has been working hard to bring you more ways to add cannabinoids into your daily routine, and we are excited to have recently launched our second lifestyle product: olive oil infused with our hemp extract. Now you can enjoy the reported benefits of hemp-based products combined with the known advantages of consuming olive oil: its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, and the potential ability of olive oil to reduce the risk of various diseases.

Like most premium olive oils, our olive oil blends are not designed to be used in cooking with heat. This is to avoid degradation of the olive oil and preserve the quality of the product. Instead, our team recommends using our olive oil blends for drizzling and dipping - think more like a finishing oil. Some ideas for using the oil include drizzling on top of a salad, soup, or pasta. We are big into snacks that we can dip, so having your favorite loaf of bread around to dip straight into the olive oil is a family favorite (try this with your crackers as well)! Another idea is to top your favorite hummus with a splash of the olive oil for dipping crackers or your favorite veggies, like bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, or snap peas. 

Olive Oil Infused with Hemp Extract: Holding Two Bottles Beside Olive Tree

We currently offer two varieties of olive oil, arbequina and koroneiki, which have different flavor profiles. The arbequina option is a delicate olive oil with subtle yet zesty notes of dark toast and dry grass with a mild peppery finish. Our koroneiki variety is a bold, robust and well-balanced olive oil featuring grassy, nutty green notes with a spicy and peppery finish. The suggested serving size for this product is about two tablespoons, although depending on what you are creating in the kitchen and your taste preferences, you may desire more or less volume of olive oil per use.

Incorporated in the olive oil product is our full-spectrum hemp extract that comes from the hemp grown on our 8-acre farm in Philomath, Oregon. Each bottle of olive oil contains about 630mg of CBD, and a single tablespoon serving contains 27 mg of CBD. The lab results of our bottles are posted on the website within our product description for you to look over if desired. Our goal with this product is to demonstrate that cannabinoids can be incorporated into individuals’ daily routine to augment wellness throughout the day.

As always, our commitment to you is to bring you hemp products that are organic and vegan, so rest assured that our olive oil blends continue to meet those standards with the official certifications from the USDA and Vegan Action. The only two ingredients in these blends are olive oil and our unadulterated hemp extract: we keep it simple so you know exactly what you are consuming. Most importantly, access to quality hemp products is everything to our team, which is why we have priced our olive oil at a fair price, and offer discounts for bundling multiple wellness products together in one purchase. Check out our entire CBD collection in the product section of our website for our olive oil bundle and our wellness bundle for extra savings!

Finally, we encourage you to get innovative with your creations in the kitchen. We truly can’t wait to see what you come up with. The world is your oyster mushroom! If you make some fun foods, be sure to take photos, tag us, and use our #farmtowellness hashtag.