Rooster Haus Rescue

Fender's Blue Hemp Cause of The Month - Rooster Haus Rescue

We love the first of the month! This May, our selected Cause of the Month is Rooster Haus Rescue, a nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and gives or finds permanent homes for roosters who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, or forced into the illegal practice of cockfighting. Rooster Haus also takes in other farm animals who have been neglected or abused, such as hens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, fish, dogs, peafowl and a cat who are all housed on site, although roosters are their primary focus, especially roosters who have special needs. Rooster Haus Rescue is located near Fall City, Washington and has been serving the community for many years. 

Jenny founded Rooster Haus Rescue after working at a large animal sanctuary over two decades ago and learned about the gap in the rescue world that needed to be filled for chickens and roosters who have extra needs. Jenny spent many years rescuing chickens and roosters on her small plot of land before launching the project of starting an official nonprofit. Jenny leaned in specifically to caring for roosters who have fallen victim to cockfighting, a blood sport in which roosters are put in a ring and forced to fight to the death. These roosters are bred and raised strictly to fight and often given performance-enhancing drugs to allow them to fight through injuries and pain. Rooster Haus Rescue operates as a safe home for roosters rescued from this practice to live freely in peace.

Have you ever wondered about how you can support a farm sanctuary? Look no further! Rooster Haus has many ways to get involved. Whether it’s making a donation, sponsoring a resident, fostering, adopting, or volunteering your time, Rooster Haus has an option for you. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about what they are up to and how to support them!

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