Hip Hop is Green

Fender's Blue Hemp Cause of The Month - Hip Hop is Green

Spooky season is upon us and we are kicking it off by welcoming our tenth Cause of the Month partner, Hip Hop is Green! We are stoked to be recognizing their incredible work this October.

Founded by Keith Tucker, Hip Hop is Green (HHIG) is the first plant-based hip hop health and wellness organization in the world! This organization supports underserved, low-income, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and urban youth and families by providing powerful, life-changing programs that are designed for participants’ health and well-being. HHIG has established multiple chapters across the nation and each chapter facilitates live events such as Green Dinners, 10th Element of Hip Hop Symposium and Concerts, field trips, and the Hip Hop is Green eXpo. Their team aims to inform and inspire through the introduction of plant-based food, recipes, products, and ideas to youth and families in urban areas with the positive influence of HHIG’s team of chefs, best-selling authors, artists, and performers. 

The curriculum of the organization consists of six areas of focus that are explored with youth and families. Those six areas are plant-based eating, organic gardening, fitness, sobriety and mental health, food justice and animal rights. Hip Hop is Green has served over 8,000 vegan meals across the country! Green dinners are especially important events as they are often the first introduction to plant-based eating for many of the attendees.

This organization is passionate about hip hop as a means of connecting because its culture goes far beyond music. Hip Hop is the world’s most popular genre and art form, simultaneously influencing politics, social issues, culture, and society as a whole. [HHIG focuses] on raising consciousness through positive messaging that resonates with youth and Hip Hop fans of all ages. For the younger generation Hip Hop culture is a powerful force, and by moving hip hop in a “green” direction, the world will move in a green direction.”

Hip Hop is Green is the health and wellness leader in the plant-based hip hop movement and was even nominated for Michelle Obama’s “Catalyst for Change” award in 2017! We are truly honored to be partnered with this trailblazing cause. Please visit their website for more information about Hip Hop is Green and to learn how to get involved. As always, a portion of all our sales through the end of October will be donated to our Cause of the Month. 

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