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Today we introduce our newest campaign: cause of the month! Starting this January and each month moving forward, we will highlight a different nonprofit to share the good work that is being done in our community. At the end of the month, we will donate a percentage of our sales to that organization. As a vegan hemp company, we decided that it is important to give back to our community by giving the spotlight primarily to organizations who serve our furry friends and other animals alike, as well as causes that generally support a vegan, sustainable, earth-friendly and wellness-oriented lifestyle.

This month, we are featuring a nonprofit located in Washington state called Forgotten Dogs Rescue, which has served the greater Seattle and Tri-Cities areas of the state since 2011. Forgotten Dogs Rescue is a foster home based nonprofit that rescues homeless and abandoned dogs in local shelters who are often given up by their owners because of difficult circumstances, or the dogs are in danger of abuse or neglect.

One of the most beautiful things about Forgotten Dogs Rescue is that, just like their name, they take in the dogs who are forgotten: the dogs who need the most help and whose time has nearly run out. They primarily rescue pitbulls, bully breeds, and other mixed dogs. The dogs who are taken in by Forgotten Dogs Rescue live in private foster homes where they are shown compassion, love and given all the training and attention they deserve. Any dogs who need medical attention receive proper care, and if they have any behavior concerns, Forgotten Dogs Rescue invests in appropriate training. While the dogs are in foster homes, Forgotten Dogs works tirelessly to find them a forever home that is the right fit. 

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 If you live in the Seattle or Tri-Cities areas and would like to get involved with this organization, visit Forgotten Dogs Rescue’s website to donate, volunteer, foster or adopt one of these sweet furry friends.

Now when you shop our store, know that your purchase helps support an organization that is striving to make the world a more loving, compassionate place. We are proud to put Forgotten Dogs Rescue in the spotlight this month!

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