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Fender's Blue Hemp Cause of The Month - Food Empowerment Project


Happy first day of June! Our Cause of the Month partner for June is the Food Empowerment Project, or F.E.P. The work of this organization is not about a single issue, rather, F.E.P.'s work covers a lot of areas, and we couldn’t be more proud to highlight their work! 

The Food Empowerment Project aims to raise awareness about how our food choices can impact the world. Through informed, ethical food choices, F.E.P. believes that each of us can make a difference and take a stand against abuses in the food industry. The Food Empowerment Project motivates individuals to use their food choices to align with their ethics and use their collective voices to promote positive change. While F.E.P. has their hands in many projects, the four main aspects of their work are as follows: 

  • Veganism. By way of education, outreach and other tools, F.E.P. promotes ethical veganism. Examples of F.E.P.’s vegan education, outreach, and resources include websites for vegan Mexican, Filipino, and Lao-inspired recipes, hosting events with all-vegan food, and running a vegan newsletter to help individuals go vegan and stay vegan.
  • Access to healthy food. One way that F.E.P. contributes to providing access to healthy food is through conducting research with local community groups to survey the level of access to healthy foods, especially in neighborhoods that are low-income or predominantly POC. These published findings then encourage policy changes and create opportunities for F.E.P. to establish relationships with various community groups and government bodies.
  • Chocolate. Food Empowerment Project educates consumers about some of the worst forms of child labor that take place to produce chocolate. F.E.P. has created a list of companies that make vegan chocolate that F.E.P. does and does not recommend, based on the ethics of how the chocolate was sourced. The team at F.E.P also works to gain transparency from chocolate companies about where and how they source their cacao.
  • Farm worker rights. Advancing the rights of farm workers is a top priority for Food Empowerment Project, which they support through corporate, legislative, and regulatory changes. The team at F.E.P. has organized many school supply drives for children of farm workers, as well as food drives. 

  • Founded by lauren Ornelas in 2007, Food Empowerment Project envisions, “a food system free from the exploitation of humans and the environment and with equitable access to healthy, sustaining food for all communities; where non-human animals are not seen as food but as individuals with lives, personalities, friendships, and family, and are free from harm and exploitation; and where workers, communities, and the environment are always protected and treated with dignity, respect, and appreciation.”

    While some of Food Empowerment Project’s work is outlined above, know that this list is not exhaustive. They are working on even more projects than those listed. If you would like to learn about some of the other work F.E.P. is up to, visit their website and social media accounts. There are a ton of ways to get involved with the organization, so be sure to check them out. 

    As always, a portion of all our sales through June will be donated to our Cause of the Month.

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