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The first day of the month is always exciting for our team because we have an opportunity to highlight the phenomenal work of organizations serving our communities through our Cause of the Month. For the month of March, we have teamed up with an amazing nonprofit, Support + Feed.

Support + Feed’s mission addresses many needs at once. At its core, Support + Feed provides plant-based meals prepared by local vegan restaurants to people experiencing food insecurity, particularly in BIPOC communities. One aspect of this organization that we love is that their team has clear goals: 1). Nourishing and providing educational materials to those in need, 2). Supporting the small business community, and 3). Positively impacting the climate crisis. 

Founder Maggie Baird established Support + Feed early on in the global COVID-19 pandemic. It was simple: she and her family ordered food from one of their favorite vegan restaurants, and instead of having it sent home, they had it delivered to a local nonprofit, Midnight Mission. This random act of kindness quickly blossomed into a group of elated volunteers who were motivated to support and feed the growing numbers of individuals and communities facing food insecurity, particularly in the BIPOC community and groups who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Their team also focuses on public education on the benefits of a plant-based diet for the health of people, animals, and the planet.

Currently, Support + Feed has morphed into a reliable community resource in a handful of cities across the U.S. Support + Feed remains engaged with the plant-based movement while they create food pipelines to battle food insecurity, all while supporting small, local businesses. Support + Feed is present in Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

This cause continues to light us up. There is a lot of pain and suffering happening all around us, but Support + Feed has reminded us of all of the good in this world. If you feel as passionate about their work as we do, learn more about their work and how to get involved by visiting their website. A portion of all of our sales this month will be donated to Support + Feed when the month concludes.

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