Top Questions About Using Hemp

Fender's Blue Hemp Oil Drops with Notebook and Other Items On Bed

Before beginning any new wellness regimen, you probably will have a lot of questions. You may spend quite a bit of time searching for the answers through books, websites, conversations with friends and the like. If you are new to hemp products, chances are you probably have some unanswered questions about them, and we want you to be curious! Curiosity sparks great conversation and learning moments, and our team is full of life-long learners, so we are big fans of that mindset. Hemp is new to many people, so know that there are no silly questions. I want to unpack a series of related inquiries that I receive frequently so we can have a greater understanding of using hemp, and in turn, share this information with others. Here we go!

“How will I know if the oil is working?”

My greatest tip for using hemp products is this: document everything. Dust off your favorite journal or use the notes app in your phone, and track absolutely everything. Write down the number of servings you took, day of the week, time of day, where you feel any pain or discomfort, the level of that pain or discomfort, how you feel in 30 minutes/1 hour/2 hours, if you took your oil drops with food or a drink, if your belly is empty or full, and anything else that comes to mind or may be happening in your world that is relevant. Many of us are busy people, so with documenting, it frees up some mental space so you don’t have to rely on your memory. Adopting a wellness lifestyle is a lifelong journey, which means that you could be on this hemp discovery for several weeks or months as you begin to uncover the best path for your needs.

“What is the proper dosing of hemp oil for me?” / “Have I taken enough?”

I recommend that you start with one serving (for Fender’s Blue Hemp oil, a single serving is 0.5mL of oil, which contains about 8mg of CBD). As you track your symptoms through your documentation, if you don’t notice any effects after around two hours, try another serving. You are free to ingest smaller or larger increments as you desire, such as .25mL or 1 full mL. If you have eaten, you may need more oil, if you have not eaten, you may need less. 

“What should I expect after I have taken a serving?”

This question does not have a simple answer because every person’s body is different. However, some possible effects that our team has personally noticed when we use hemp oil are a general sense of calm and ability to relax, improved quality of sleep, pain and inflammation reduction, mood stabilization, nausea relief and a reduction in negative symptoms associated with menstrual cycles (namely cramps, headaches and lower back stiffness)*. Again, every person’s body is different and the effects that our team notices may be different from what you experience, especially depending on the other factors that I discussed above, such as food or drink intake, time of day, etc.

In summary: there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hemp, and when it comes to wellness in general. Just like any new regimen such as a medication, vitamin, supplement, workout routine or meal plan, every person’s body will respond differently. One serving of hemp oil for your friend may be the sweet spot for them, but that same serving size may not be sufficient for your needs, and vice versa.

We believe that the path to wellness is a long road that will incorporate many tools in addition to hemp-based products. I encourage you to be a very conscious consumer when you shop for hemp products. Anytime you hear a bold medical claim that a company’s CBD can treat/cure/eliminate anything, proceed with caution. Happy tracking!

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*The above list of effects are what the founders of this company have personally experienced from using hemp products with a high-CBD potency. These are not medical claims. Please consult with your medical provider before beginning any new product or wellness regimen.